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Recreation and Leisure Centre Kintų pakrantė (Kintai Coast) was established in May 2007.  Our centre is situated in 3.5 ha territory in Kintai, along the coast of the Curonian Lagoon.  Recreation by the Curonian Lagoon, a camping site in Kintai, the Nemunas Delta Regional Park (Šilutė District), invites all nature lovers to come here for recreation. There are small cottages for 2, 3 and 6 persons and a ballroom in the camping site. We welcome holidaymakers with tents and campers.
Sports grounds and children’s playground, a big outdoor stage for musicians, rent of audio equipment for festivals, boats for up to 50 people for navigating in the Curonian Lagoon and the Nemunas Delta – all your children and active rest lovers need for recreation. There are about 100 sleeping places in the campsite that covers a large territory; therefore, the campsite is a perfect place for jamborees, sports events, meetings of relatives, weddings and other festivals.
You are greatly welcome!

Rural tourism homestead Kintų pakrantė offers the following services: 

  • board/alimentation;
  • accommodation;
  • recreational and fishing boat rent;
  • sauna and hot tub rent;
  • audio equipment and stage rent (live music);
  • paintball (installed special playground).

Lithuanian Venice (Minija village), where our port is located.

      A beautiful village Minija is located quite close to the noisy Palanga, the lively Nida ant next to the mouth of the Nemunas. It is also called “Lithuanian Venice” for its unique landscape. It is an old fishermen’s village that is divided in half by the Minija River. There are no bridges over the river. If you want to get to the other side of the village, you need to take a boat or travel about 10 kilometres by road.
       The name of the village was mentioned from the middle of the 14th century, and it originated from the name of the Minija River. The inscriptions of the graves show that the village used to be called Min
ė or Mingė. The latter name is also very popular nowadays. Today Minija village is a paradise of fishermen and quiet recreation lovers. There are very few homesteads of permanent residents in the village today.
     When sailing in the Nemunas Delta, one can admire impressive views... Rusnė Island, Ventė Cape, Krokų Lanka Lake, with the white dunes of Nida in the background... it makes you think, how beautiful our Lithuania is... The
Nemunas Delta Regional Park is famous for its diversity of plant and bird species, rare and endangered species.


Rural tourism homestead Kintų pakrantė


Tel.: +370 614 37793; +370 612 16000

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